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Welcome to the new online documentation for LipSync Pro and Lite.
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Editor Windows & Inspectors - Clip Editor

The LipSync component handles playing back LipSync animations on characters. An instance of it stores all the required information about a character, including the various Phoneme/Emotion poses and Gesture animations.
The in-editor inspector for this component also contains the editor for creating poses. For more info on this, see LipSync Inspector.

Using the LipSync Component

A GameObject that has a LipSync component attached is referred to as a character. The component can technically go on any GameObject, but for the sake of organisation, is usually placed on the parent object of the meshes, sprites or other objects that actually represent the character.

A few things are required for the component to work correctly:

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Editor Windows & Inspectors

  • Clip Editor
    • AutoSync Window Pro
    • Clip Settings Window
    • Marker Settings Window
    • Emotion Mixer Window
  • LipSync Inspector
    • Phonemes & Emotions
    • Gestures
    • Pose Extractor Wizard
    • Gesture Setup Wizard Pro
  • Project Settings
  • Extensions Window
  • Blend Shape Baker Pro