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Here are a few places you may have seen LipSync Pro in use.

Indigo Eclipse

by Rogo Digital
A third-person stealth hacking game set in a neon-soaked cyberpunk dystopia. Find out more.


by Crow Crows Crows & SquanchGames
The surreal follow-up to the hit game from the makers of The Stanley Parable and Rick and Morty. Find out more.


by Robot Wizard
A 2D Point-n-click adventure starring Jeff, a gamer making his way through the Pixelverse. Find out more.
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Feature Comparison


LipSync Pro LipSync Lite
Flexible LipSync pose editor.
Creates reusable animations, not tied to a single character.
Blend Systems allow support for any type of model or sprite.
Cross-platform - works with builds for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and more.
Emotion Poses allow for full facial animation as well as lip syncing.
The Gesture track allows separate full-body animations to be cued along with phonemes and emotions.
AutoSync - automatically detect phonemes in an audio clip.
Phoneme Sets - Use different sets of phonemes for different purposes or languages.
Free technical support.
Full source code included.
Includes a free copy of Eye Controller.
$35 Free

Why LipSync?

It's Complete
LipSync Pro ties together three important components of creating expressive speech:
Phonemes are the core mouth shapes that create lip-syncing.
Emotions are the overall facial expressions that give more meaning to the dialogue.
Gestures are larger, sometimes whole-body animations that underline important words or sentences.

It's Simple
With a fully-featured Clip Editor that's focused on ease-of-use, including audio scrubbing, a zoomable timeline, marker multi-selection, rebindable keyboard shortcuts and a real-time animation preview.
Plus, AutoSync allows you to set-up phoneme data for an entire clip in just 2 clicks - now Mac OS compatible!

It's Flexible
The Pose Editor gives you the tools to mix blend shapes and bones together to get the best look for each Pose on your characters. It also includes a presets system, letting you store your character setups, and use them on other compatible characters.

On top of all that, LipSync's animation files can be played back on any LipSync character, so you're never wasting time repeating yourself.

It's Compatible
LipSync is designed to fit into your workflow without getting in the way. Its editors are dockable, support both light and dark skins and fit in with the rest of Unity.

In addition, LipSync's Blend System component allows it to work with almost any method of creating and displaying a character, from Blendshapes and Sprites, to support for third-party character systems like Morph3D and UMA.

Are You Interested?

If you want facial animation for your Unity game or software, there's a version of LipSync to suit you.

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